Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Violent Children "S/T" EP (1984)

Fast pre-youth crew hardcore from Connecticut, features a young Ray Cappo on the drum kit. Pretty straigt forward stuff. Kinda reminds me of SS Decontrol at points with the choppy vocal delivery and blurred and fuzzy guitar sound. Great EP followed by several bootlegs in the '90s. Self released.

1. Split Scene
2. New Pride
3. Culture Sucks
4. Hilton
5. Peer Pressure
6. the smell
7. Live Free or Die
8. Warren the Thief

Download Here.


  1. wow, you've got some classics here for sure. My first HC show was seeing the Violent Children open for the CroMags at CBGb's. way back in 83 or 84. The singer from No Milk on Tuesday had a radio show out of some Connecticut college station. It was called "The Adventure Jukebox" and pretty well rocked my 14 yr old brain - from Chrome and Laibach to Bad Brains and Discharge. Keep it up.

  2. That sounds like a great show!

    feel free to make request. I have a lot of post lined up but I'd love to post something you are looking for.

  3. Both youths Ray Cappo & Mark Ryan - CBGB's 1984
    Violent Children opening the bill that day.


    Adventure Jukebox - 1985 (Hosted BY Ray Cappo)