Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Graven Image "Kicked Out Of The Scene" EP (1983)

Another cool EP from Richmond Virginia. Fast thrashing hardcore with confusing lyrics. hmmm? Mostly fast but with a lot of melody and some parts that kinda sound similar to Minor Threat. Sold yet?

1. Day After
2. Close Your Eyes
3. Operation Sink
4. Wrong Way to Utopia
5. Double Life
6. Dear Abby
7. Nails and Thorns

Download Here.


  1. Thanks for posting the record. It is cool to see people are still stoked on it. I was the drummer in the band. I have some live show and practice tape mp3s if anyone is interested.


  2. I'd be interested in hearing the live show and practice tape mp3.

  3. hey joey, I'd be interested in the live and practice tape mp3s if the offer still stands, you guys were good