Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Meatmen "Blüd Sausage" EP (1982)

Another hardcore classic from Touch & Go. The debut EP from Michigan's offensive, perverse, hilarious punk combo The Meatmen. This is by no means their strongest release but still has some amazing songs. Look for their other releases or the "Spud Powercock" collection CD. Tesco Vee is as important as Ian Mackaye or Greg Ginn, if you don't know this you are probably a fucking moron.

1.Tooling for Anus
2.1 Down 3 to Go
3.Snuff 'Em
4.Becoming a Man
5.I've Got a Problem
6.I'm Glad I'm Not a Girl
7.Dumping Ground

Download Here.


  1. Oh man, I listened to We're the Meatmen and You Suck constantly all through 8th grade. I used to mimic the between song banter with my retarded friends, ahh memories. Saw Tesco play in SF around '98, it was more of a novelty act, like going to see Weird Al.

    Whatever, the early discs rule. I always wondered if the ep was altered in any way for inclusiion on the U Suck lp?

  2. ... and you STILL suck is the live album that kicks @ss.

  3. love it. i shout it out whenever i hear a beatles cover by a supposed punk band. excellent blog.