Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Koro "S/T" EP (1983)

Also commonly known as the "700 Club EP". This record has been bootlegged several times over the past couple decades, and with good reason. Raging thrash hardcore from Knoxville Tennessee. Sadly their only release.

1. 700 Club
2. Selfless
3. It's OK
4. Government
5. Dear Sirs
6. Blap!
7. Nauseous
8. Acid Casualty

Download Here.


  1. no it's not. i actually have about 60 - 70 koro songs

  2. It pretty much was their only release. There was another recording tentatively titled "Speed Kills" (if I remember correctly), But I don't recall that it was ever released. Koro was great. They rehearsed at my house when I was a kid. I was twelve years old, in Knoxville TN. Very nice guys. My two older brothers were the singer and the drummer. Scott Semple and Billy Baker. Both of whom are doing well in Lompok, CA and Nashville TN, respectively. Scott is a ceramic artist and Billy makes drums and still plays. Very exciting for a kid to be a part of. Regards, Mike Semple

  3. 60 songs?? Did we have that many?? Go figure, Koro 25 yr later, still core, poppin out kids late in life, dealing as an artist, things never change for the messenger...only my voice is a little softer, but equally as accessible.
    Thanks for the link Mikey...Good shit
    S Semple