Tuesday, February 3, 2009

State "No Illusions" EP (1983)

Fierce fucking Michigan hardcore with a slight metal edge to the guitar. Angry pissed off vocals, driving rhythm and somewhat all over the place guitar, but never coming off as a mess of noise at all. Lyrics about straight edge, war, cop hatred. I was once steered away from their LP and never bothered to check it out myself. But this EP is a ripper start to finish. State still exist in some form playing shows sporadically around Michigan, no idea if it's worth checking out though. Released on the band's Statement Records.

1. Subvert
2. New Right
3. Attention
4. Hardline
5. No Illusions
6. Police State
7. Girl Violence

Download Here.


  1. the State is DEFINATELY worth checking out. ive seen them at least a half-dozen times in the last 4 years or so, and theyve always kicked complete ass. the LP from a couple years ago is a total killer, as well. theres a split ep that came out last year thats pretty good as well.

  2. I will back everything Wedge said. Saw them last summer and was definitely awesome.

  3. true. saw them a bunch of times in recent years and they always kill