Thursday, February 5, 2009

Impulse Manslaughter "Burn One Naked, And Nuke It" EP (1986)

By special request of John. This is the debut 7" from this Chicago based HC/Crossover band. Kinda similar to Die Kreuzen in the vocals but sometimes getting very death metal-ish. Fucking ugly and violently fast shit here! Not sure about the original release, but this was reissued by Nuclear Blast in 1990. Good pick John!

1.Sack O' Shit

Download Here.


  1. Ah, I haven't heard this in at least 15 years thanks much. I'm a huge Die Kruezen fan too, some blog had their demo but I lost it in the great hard drive crash of '08.

    Ok maybe this'll be more challenging - Media Disease 2x7" ep put out by Lost & Found - has the Mixed Nuts Dont Crack trax plus more from same recording session. see Kill From the Heart.

  2. Your wish is my command. Keep making such good suggestions and I'll keep fulfilling them as I can! Media Disease is great! recorded at Hit & Run, same place Void cut their demo! awesome!

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  4. Just tried to DL this one but it was removed. Any chance of reposting or possible uploading the album to youtube?

    Also.. if you can find a copy of I'll See You in The Pit - a compilation including bands like Impulse Manslaughter, Sons of Ishmael, Nunfuckers, and many others THAT would be awesome. Far as I remember it was a cassette on World Full of Hope.