Friday, February 6, 2009

Media Disease "S/T" 2x7" (1982)

Recorded at Hit & Run in 1982, released by Lost & Found in 1990. Lo-fi punk hardcore from DC, who as John said in his request were also featured on the excellent "Mixed Nuts Don't Crack" compilation LP on Outside records(1984). This contains those tracks as well as their demo tape.

1.Sit Down
2.Young Sophisticate
3.Beyond Help
4.You're Wasted
5.Rock is Dead
6.Redneck Asshole
7.Kicked in the Head
8.Moral Lobotomy
9.We Won't Listen
11.Black List
12.Media Disease
13.Anti Social
14.Concentration Camp
15.Dumb Jock
16.Fuck Up
17.Unwritten Laws
18.Life Unfulfilled
19.Redneck Asshole
20.Sit Down
22.Concentration Camp

Download Here.


  1. haha. no problem buddy. Glad someone cares that I'm doing this.

  2. i knew these guys... still do in fact. The funny thing is, as far as i can recall, until this bootleg german 7" appeared, they didn't have an actual record of their own. Since they never got proper royalties/ permission in the first place from Lost & Found there's no reason why it shouldn't be free at this point eh?

  3. HELLO
    Media Disease is one of the best albums I've ever heard ... The sound is incredible, the letters in order .. a great album .I hope don't have a sudden memory loss after hearing it. thanks ..

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  5. Greetings from greece. Thanks a lot dude for all the work that you ve done!
    P.S maybe you have the lyrics as well ?