Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Deal "Very Mysterious" 7" (1987)

This is a perfectly named EP, as this band is just that, very mysterious. I know little to nothing about this band but here goes. Big Deal was from Louisville, KY and released this EP in 1987, impressed? Sonically this brings to mind bands like Minor Threat, 7Seconds and Sluggo, just a few years later with a little bit of the late 80's posi vibes shining through. Pretty solid and seemingly forgotten HC punk. "Works Everytime" is my radio show pick.

1. Open Mind
2. L.G.B.
3. My Rights
4. Works Everytime
5. Can't You See
6. Big Deal
7. Concrete

Download here.

The Abused "Loud And Clear" 7" (1983)

Another fine release that would have been posted 2 years ago had I not taken such a hiatus. Completely brutal pissed off NYHC. Heavy skinhead/Oi vibes through out. Some of the finest vocals from the era and area. Mostly fast but slowing down and getting a little weird on "Nuclear Threat" which has some haunting riffs until the half way point when it picks back up into the fast hardcore then back into the weird head nodding dirge. This EP makes me want to stomp skulls. "Drug Free Youth" is the standout track in my eyes. The Abused have played some reunion shows that from what I've heard were amazing, still bummed about missing them in St. Louis a while back, their first ever show outside of the NY/NJ area. Released on the band's own Abused Records.

1. Loud and Clear
2. War Games
3. Just Another Fool
4. No End In Sight
5. Nuclear Threat
6. Watch Out
7. Blow Your Brains Out
8. Drug Free Youth

Download here.

Crippled Youth "Join The Fight" 7" (1986)

I can't believe I didn't post this one two years ago. Oh well, here is the lone 7" EP from what would later become the still influential youth crew band BOLD. 9 tracks of intense blistering NYHC/Youth Crew from a group of then 13-14 year olds. Matt's vocals on this record are fucking priceless! Fierce at moments, very innocent sounding at others, sometimes cracking. Excellent smile inducing lyrics dealing with kids that suck, straight edge, unity, standing up for yourself, moshing, you know stuff kids are into. Crippled Youth played a reunion show(s) somewhat recently which is kinda silly, but whatever. Good bad Music for bad, bad Times! referred to this band as "Boyscout Hardcore", this term made coffee come out of my nose. This EP rages. Released by New Beginnings from California.

1. Walk Tall, Walk Straight
2. Positive Scene
3. Can't You See
4. Not Just Talk
5. Respect
6. Choice
7. Stand Together
8. K-Town Mosh Crew
9. United We Stand

Download here.

Judge "New York Crew" 7" (1988)

Looking back through the comments I've noticed several request for more "youth crew" post, I'll see what I can do. How about I start with the debut EP from now legendary NYHC band Judge. Originally released on John Porcell's Schizm records and later reissued to the masses by the mighty Revelation. On this release, despite other members being listed, all the music was recorded by John Porcell(bass & guitar) & Mike Judge(drums & vocals). Musically what you'd expect from members of Youth of Today & Death Before Dishonor. Fast, heavy and pissed off NYHC. "We called it the wolfpack, we called it united blood."

1. Fed Up
2. In My Way
3. I've Lost...
4. New York Crew
5. Warriors (originally by Blitz)

Download Here.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New York Wolfpack "S/T" LP (1988)

Albany Hardcore with tips of the hat to both early New York & Boston Hardcore without being a total clone, but also not being the most original thing ever. Pretty rad that it's from '88 and avoids the realms of Youth Crew and Cross Over Thrash especially given their location. Some killer leads thrown around throughout the LP. Brings to mind bands like Agnostic Front & The Mob but kinda has a retarded Pacific Northwest grunge vibe to it as well. So I guess think AF and Green River. Totally worth the occasional "spin". Released on Bomp Records.

1. Black Mark
2. Stood Up
3. Bustin' Out
4. Suicide
5. Rich Life
6. Pack of One
7. Pride of the Pack
8. Black Book of Hell
9. Wolfpack

Download Her.

Fatal Rage "S/T" 12" (1983)

Well coming up on two years ago I promised that the incredible 12" from New Jersey's Fatal Rage would be posted! Looks like I'm not a liar after all. 11 tracks of perfect punk hardcore that only NJ degenerates and Mutha Records could have created. Try not to pogo in your chair to "Die Lady Di". You can't, it's impossible. I've stolen the opening riff from "U.O.A." in every band I've ever been in. This record is a true gem of the KBD world.

1. Struggle
2. Assault
3. Jump and Die
4. Die Lady Di
5. Fatal Mistake
6. U.O.A.
7. Copy Bands
8. I'm Appalled
9. Yelling
10. Wartime
11. Kick That Kicker

Download Here.