Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Child Abuse "...Bring It" EP (1983)

Another gem from the Mutha Records of New Jersey catalog. Amateurish punk hardcore with a mid paced tempo and snotty sung vocals on the first track. Mostly sped up and angry throughout the rest of the EP, but slowing down here and there to dirge. Unpolished and raw the way hardcore should be. Enjoy.

1.Child Abuse
2.Live Too Fast
3.Life Of Them
4.I'm Lazy
5.Extra Strength Tylenol
6.We Don't Want You Hanging Around

Download Here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Teenage Depression "Skank Or Die" EP (1984)

Sorry for a few days without any post, I was in rural Indiana hating the world. Moving right along... Teenage Depression was from New Jersey and hated everything apparently. This is really great raw hardcore punk with a lot of energy and snotty vocals.

1.Anarchy is for Assholes
2.Reagan's Gestapo
3.Working for the Kremlin
4.Caught in a Bind
5.False Jesii Part 1
6.Frat Party
7.Rabbit Song
8.Speed Punks Suck
9.I Love Kate

Download Here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Young & The Useless "Real Men Don't Floss" EP (198

Bratty NYHC featuring Adam of the Beastie Boys and sounding very similar to the "Pollywog Stew" EP. The closing track "Funky Music" even reminds me a little of the "Cooky Puss" 12". If you are a fan of early Beastie Boys, The Mob, Urban Waste etc, then check this out for sure. Oh yeah there is also a weird punk rendition of a childrens christian song. Weird. Released by Ratcage Records.

1.Young And Useless
3.The Wave
4.Home Boy
5.Rise And Shine
6.Funky Music

Download Here.

Rebel Truth "S/T" EP (1984)

Rebel Truth's only EP, but they were also on such classic compilations as "We Got Power" & "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" as well as a few others and countless bootlegs. Really awesome thrashy hardcore from Sacramento California with some good melodies and great lyrics/vocals. Released by the incredible Version Sound. Special request from Cole. Here ya go buddy.

1. Child Hosts the Parasite
2. Moneyman
3. Where the Heart Is
4. The Good Life
5. Unscene Report
6. The Request
7. Try
8. In the Red
9. Trickle Down

Download Here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Meatmen "Blüd Sausage" EP (1982)

Another hardcore classic from Touch & Go. The debut EP from Michigan's offensive, perverse, hilarious punk combo The Meatmen. This is by no means their strongest release but still has some amazing songs. Look for their other releases or the "Spud Powercock" collection CD. Tesco Vee is as important as Ian Mackaye or Greg Ginn, if you don't know this you are probably a fucking moron.

1.Tooling for Anus
2.1 Down 3 to Go
3.Snuff 'Em
4.Becoming a Man
5.I've Got a Problem
6.I'm Glad I'm Not a Girl
7.Dumping Ground

Download Here.

Flesh Columns "Schweigew Vor Dem Sturm" EP (1984)

Four tracks of punk hardcore from Windsor, Ontario Canada. Executed by three teenagers. Recorded in Detroit by some guy named Corey Rusk. Released by Touch & Go... I really know nothing else. This is a really cool/fun EP.

1.Where Did They Go
2.Mummar Khadafi
3.Times Up
4.Ban Nestle Products

Download Here.

Blight "S/T" EP (1982)

Deranged and demented hardcore punk/noise from ex-members of Michigan legends The Fix & The Meatmen. Tesco Vee(vocals, electric trumpet) backed by Steve Miller(guitar), Mike Achtenberg(bass) and Pat Clark(drums). Blight released just this one EP and played only 5 shows in their four month existence before slipping into the afterthoughts of America's middle aged youth. For fans of gritty love and anyone liking their hardcore on the weirder side of things. Released by the mighty Touch & Go and seemingly impossible to find.

1.The Dream Was Dead
2.Real World
3.Be Stupid
5.Prophet of Doom
6.Seven Winds Over the Gobi Desert

Download Here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Madball "Ball Of Destruction" EP (1988)

Originally an Agnostic Front side project with Roger's preteen brother singing. Some old AF songs here amongst a few originals. Basically "United Blood" part II, sloppy shit. Included here is a pretty pointless radio interview as a bonus track.

1.Smell The Bacon (What's With You?)
2.Discriminate Me
3.We Should Care
4.Colossal Man With A skinhead
5.Get Out
6.Last Warning
8.It's My Life
9.WFMU Interview

Download Here.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Scam "Everything Ends In A Rot" EP (1986)

Dark metallic Hardcore from New Hampshire. For fans of Void, Die Kreuzen etc. This was released by Ax/ction Records, they also recorded songs for 2 Ax/ction compilations and an unreleased LP.

1.Off Track
2.No Reason to Live
3.All By Myself
4.When the Day of Your Death Comes
5.The Way Things Are

Download Here.

Friday, February 6, 2009

V/A "Flex Your Head" LP (1982)

One of the quintessential Hardcore compilations of the early 80s. Sitting on the same level as "This Is Boston, Not L.A." & "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" in my book. This showcases a lot of the more obvious of the DC bunch but also a few lesser known but still amazing bands such as Artificial Peace, Red C & Deadline. This is crucial listening for everyone new and old to the genre.

1.Teen Idles "I Drink Milk"
2.Teen Idles "Commie Song"
3.Teen Idles "No Fun"
4.Untouchables "Rat Patrol"
5.Untouchables "Nic Fit"
6.Untouchables "I Hate You"
7.S.O.A. "I Hate the Kids"
8.S.O.A. "Disease"
9.S.O.A. "Stepping Stone Party"
10.Minor Threat"Stand Up"
11.Minor Threat "12XU"
12.Government Issue "Hey, Ronnie"
13.Government Issue "Lie Cheat & Steal"
14.Youth Brigade "Moral Majority"
15.Youth Brigade "Waste of Time"
16.Youth Brigade "Last Word"
17.Red C "Jimi 45"
18.Red C "Pressure's On"
19.Red C "6 O'Clock News"
20.Red C "Assassin"
21.Void "Dehumanized"
22.Void "Authority"
23.Void "My Rules"
24.Iron Cross "Wargames"
25.Iron Cross "New Breed"
26.Iron Cross "Live for Now"
27.Artificial Peace "Artificial Peace"
28.Artificial Peace "Outside Looking In"
29.Artificial Peace "Wasteland"
30.Deadline "Stolen Youth"
31.Deadline "Hear the Cry"
32.Deadline "Aftermath"

Download Here.

Chronic Sick "The Cutest Band In Hardcore" EP (1982)

It seems that a lot of people that even know about this band hate them. I really can't see why. I don't feel that I can post this without including this great review they received in 1983, here goes...

Last and definitely least The Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. by Chronic Sick. This is the worst. The worst words. These kids should get beat up. If they want to be shocking why don't they kill themselves on stage. I think that's better than writing racist and sexist songs that will make people want to kill them anyway. We appreciate a colorful crowd so if they know what's good for them they won't play New York again.
-Javi Savage, from Big City zine #4, May/June 1983

Really I love this record. Six tracks of punky New Jersey Hardcore, "Dress Code" being my favorite falling almost into a power-pop/Ramonesy kinda thing towards the end. Fuck yeah!

1. There Goes The Neighbourhood
2. Dress Code
3. Public Suicide
4. Man Rape Blues
5. Mucho Macho
6. Pain For Profit

Download Here.

Media Disease "S/T" 2x7" (1982)

Recorded at Hit & Run in 1982, released by Lost & Found in 1990. Lo-fi punk hardcore from DC, who as John said in his request were also featured on the excellent "Mixed Nuts Don't Crack" compilation LP on Outside records(1984). This contains those tracks as well as their demo tape.

1.Sit Down
2.Young Sophisticate
3.Beyond Help
4.You're Wasted
5.Rock is Dead
6.Redneck Asshole
7.Kicked in the Head
8.Moral Lobotomy
9.We Won't Listen
11.Black List
12.Media Disease
13.Anti Social
14.Concentration Camp
15.Dumb Jock
16.Fuck Up
17.Unwritten Laws
18.Life Unfulfilled
19.Redneck Asshole
20.Sit Down
22.Concentration Camp

Download Here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flag Of Democracy "Love Songs" EP (1984)

Bizarre and fast punk hardcore from Philadelphia PA. Vocals are similar to Jello Biafra but the lyrics are not just some PC dork yelling at you. Fucking awesome!

1. Powerload
2. Babysitter
3. Meat Factory
4. Guidance Councelor
5. Metamorphosis
6. Love Song

Download Here.

Iron Cross "Skinhead Glory" EP (1982)

Four rowdy tracks of DC skinhead hardcore. Imagine Negative Approach with less speed, more OI! I suppose... This EP was a split release between Dischord and Skinflint. The song "Crucified For Our Sins" was later adopted and "made famous" by Agnostic Front.

1. Crucified For Our Sins
2. Psycho Skin
3. Fight 'Em All
4. Shadows In The Night

Download Here.

Impulse Manslaughter "Burn One Naked, And Nuke It" EP (1986)

By special request of John. This is the debut 7" from this Chicago based HC/Crossover band. Kinda similar to Die Kreuzen in the vocals but sometimes getting very death metal-ish. Fucking ugly and violently fast shit here! Not sure about the original release, but this was reissued by Nuclear Blast in 1990. Good pick John!

1.Sack O' Shit

Download Here.

Dissent "Boy Eats Own Head" (1988)

One of the only hardcore bands I've ever heard of from South Dakota. Dissent released this debut EP on their own Amity records. Melodic Hardcore kind of in line with what Lookout was releasing at that time. I could lump them in with Econochrist & the Detonators. Solid fun!.

1. Society
2. Abe Lincoln
3. Shut My Eyes
4. You Choose
5. Push-Button Society

Download Here.

The Effigies "Haunted Town" EP (1981)

Five tracks of mid tempo punk/hardcore from one of Chicago's earliest hardcore band. Tight well written songs with lots of crunchy guitar sound and lead solos. Great lyrics sung with a great voice. Sort of a British skinhead feel. Originally released on Autumn Records and later repressed on Ruthless/Enigma. These tracks are also captured on their collection CD "Remains Nonviewable".

1. Below the Drop
2. Strongbox
3. Haunted Town
4. Mob Clash
5. We'll Be Here Tomorrow

Download Here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Urban Waste "S/T" EP (1983)

This is Urban Waste sole release. Eight tracks of blistering NYHC with some of the best vocals ever. Extremely urgent and frantic. This is a must have. No joke. Originally released as a 7" on fellow NY band The Mob's label. Later reissued as a 12" on Big City Records.

1. Police Brutality
2. Public Opinion
3. No Hope
4. Wasted Life
5. Skank
6. Ignorant
7. BNC
8. Reject

Download Here.

Necros "IQ32" EP (1981)

This is hands down my favorite of all of the Necros releases. Necros were from Maumee Ohio, and were one of the earliest Midwest hardcore bands. This EP was their second release and a split release between Touch & Go and Dischord. Like most bands of the time they got a little weird later down the road, it's probably best to just stop at the "Conquest for Death" LP(which is excellent).

1. IQ32
2. Youth Camp
3. Peer Pressure
4. Race Riot
5. Wargame
6. I Hate My School
7. Past Comes Back to Haunt Me
8. Reject
9. Public High School

Download Here.

Minor Threat "S/T" EP (1981)

Post #40. You know what this is. A goddamn classic for sure.

1. Filler
2. I Don't Wanna Hear It
3. Seeing Red
4. Straight Edge
5. Small Man Big Mouth
6. Screaming at a Wall
7. Bottled Violence
8. Minor Threat

Download Here.

Mecht Mensch "Acceptance" EP (1983)

Mecht Mensch was a violent hardcore band from Madison Wisconsin. Aside from compilation appearances they also had a demo tape and a split 7" EP with Tar Babies, who they also shared members/lives with. Crucial Midwest listening.

1. Acceptance
2. Grinder
3. Land of the Brave
4. Zombie
5. What's Right

Download Here.

Die Kreuzen " Cows And Beer" EP (1982)

This is probably my favorite Midwest Hardcore release, PERIOD. Die Kreuzen plays manic fast hardcore with deranged vocals and a sorta demented rock n roll feel. Their self titled LP on Touch & Go is one of the greatest hardcore LPs ever in my book. Six tracks of pissed off fury in just over six minutes. Released by Version Sound from Xenia Ohio, later repressed by someone I can't recall...

1. Hate Me
2. Pain
3. Enemies
4. In School
5. Think for Me
6. Don't Say Please

Download Here.

Deep Wound "S/T" EP (1983)

Insanely fast and well thought out juvenile hardcore from these western Mass-holes who would later form Dinosaur Jr. Drummer J. Mascis is definitely the HC version of the Muppet's Animal! Frantic yelled vocals(complete with cracking voice) over incredibly fast-tempo thrashing without being a total blur. In the same class as the mighty VOID, in that it totally stands out from everything else going on in their regions at the time. This EP is simply amazing.

1. I Saw It
2. Sisters
3. In My Room
4. Don't Need
5. Lou's Anxiety Song
6. Video Prick
7. Sick of Fun
8. Deep Wound
9. Dead Babies

Download Here.

Boom & the Legion of Doom "Hate To Love, Love To Hate" EP (1986)

Another of Michigan's well kept secrets. Ten tracks of great hardcore from Battleground MI. Boom & the Legion played a reunion show in 2008 that I heard great things about. They released another EP & an LP in the 80s and were featured on the Slap A Ham records "Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!" compilation 7" in 1991. Sadly I've never come across the other EP or LP.

1.Not Enough Food
2.Butcher Block
3.Grub Flesh
5.Piss You Off
6.Bored Cannibal
7.Dog Days
8.Death Squad
9.Theme Song
10.Monster In My Locker

Download Here.

The Freeze "Guilty Face" EP (1984)

A much more aggressive follow up to their debut(more punky) 7" single. The backing vocals on the opening track "Violent Arrest" are so fucking fierce! Boston just knew how to churn out hardcore in the 80s. Originally released by Modern Method Records, but bootlegged several times over the years.

1. Violent Arrest
2. Voices From My Window
3. Halloween Night
4. Guilty Face

Download Here.

7 Seconds "Skins, Brains & Guts" EP (1982)

My favorite release from the long lasting 7 seconds. Reno NV's answer to DC hardcore. Positive, thrashy & fun with a little bit of a skinhead oi feel here and there. The rough and raw production just adds to the magic. An obvious but still awesome EP.

1. Skins, Brains & Guts
2. No Authority
3. Redneck Society
4. Baby Games
5. Racism Sucks
6. This is My Life
7. Anti-Klan
8. I Hate Sports
9. We're Gonna Fight

Download Here.

Project X "Straight Edge Revenge" EP (1988)

Youth Fucking Crew! Project X was a one off band consisting of members of NY Youth Crew bands Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Side By Side & Judge. Released as a companion 7" to an issue of Schism Zine. Pretty much what you would expect considering the member's backgrounds. This record is another sought after collectors item that has been bootlegged for years, and finally reissued by Bridge 9. Tough guys love this band.

1.Straight Edge Revenge
3.Cross Me
4.Dance Floor Justice
5.Where It Ends
6.Live Songs

Download Here.

Impact Unit "My Friend The Pit" EP (1983)

Originally released as a demo tape in 1983 and then later as a 7" on Crucial Response in 1989. Part of the first wave of Boston hardcore, tough and no bullshit. The opening song "Nightstalker" is a slow crawl mostly but the rest of the EP is mid to fast tempo hardcore with pissed vocals shouted in a gravelly voice by some guy named Dicky Barrett. Awesome. For fans of SS Decontrol, Project X etc.

1. Nightstalker
2. Complain
3. My Friends & the Pit
4. I'd Eat Your Shit
5. Dead Meat
6. Regular Boy's Haircut

Download Here.

Last Rights "Chunks" EP (1984)

Originally released as a 2 song single by Taang! this version contains 4 additional songs featured on the split CD reissue with Negative FX and later on the "No Guts, No Glory" 12" on Taang!/Reflex. Kinda macho but over all pretty positive straight edge hardcore about friendship, not drinking and just hanging out. Fronted by Choke of Negative FX/Shapshot fame. "Chunks" was later covered by Dinosaur Jr on a limited SST 12". "DO WHAT YOU WANT!"

2.So Ends Our Night
3.Out of Our Minds
4.Show the Way
5.Wasted Time
6.No Guts No Glory

Download Here.

Negative Approach "S/T" EP (1982)

Maybe the most hateful band to come out of the early hardcore scene. This is definitely my favorite Touch & Go release, although followed very closely by those of The Fix, Necros & Meatmen. NA perfectly blended American hardcore with a UK Oi! vibe to create their own sound. This 7" is highly sought after and it's a no brainer why. C-L-A-S-S-I-C. Vocalist John Brannon went on to front Laughing Hyenas & Easy Action. Negative Approach reunited recently for some shows to mixed reviews.

1. Can't Tell No One
2. Sick of Talk
3. Pressure
4. Why Be Something That You're Not
5. Nothing
6. Fair Warning
7. Ready to Fight
8. Lead Song
9. Whatever I Do
10. Negative Approach

Download Here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reflex From Pain "Black & White" EP (1983)

Seemingly un-heard of Hardcore again from Connecticut. This version is taken from the 1991 bootleg on Blitzcore which contains four extra tracks not on the original pressing. Pretty much by the books stuff here but a few songs stick out and fucking kill a lot of other obscure shit from the era. Mid to fast tempos with mostly understandable vocals. There is also another bootleg EP called "Checkered Future" that is worth tracking down. Originally released by Death Threat records.

1. Rednecks
2. Generic Life
3. Hangover
4. Media Control
5. Chemicals
6. Holy Pictures
7. The Scream
8. Urban Decay
9. American Express
10. Dino

Download Here.

State Of Alert "No Policy" EP (1981)

And... Dischord's second and S.O.A.'s only release. Urgent HC fronted by some shit named Henry Garfield. A good companion record to Negative Approach or Urban Waste. Classic no doubt.

1. Lost in Space
2. Draw Blank
3. Girl Problems
4. Blackout
5. Gate Crashers
6. War Zone
7. Riot
8. Gang Fight
9. Public Defender
10. Gonna Have to Fight

Download Here.

The Teen Idles "Minor Disturbance" EP (1980)

Dischord Records first release. Sloppy punk hardcore, not nearly as great as the bands they would go on to form but still a landmark HC release. Eight tracks full of total teen spirit and crappy played instruments. Fucking great if you ask me.

1. Teen Idles
2. Sneakers
3. Get Up and Go
4. Deadhead
5. Fleeting Fury
6. Fiorucci Nightmare
7. Getting In My Way
8. Too Young to Rock

Download Here.

Violent Children "S/T" EP (1984)

Fast pre-youth crew hardcore from Connecticut, features a young Ray Cappo on the drum kit. Pretty straigt forward stuff. Kinda reminds me of SS Decontrol at points with the choppy vocal delivery and blurred and fuzzy guitar sound. Great EP followed by several bootlegs in the '90s. Self released.

1. Split Scene
2. New Pride
3. Culture Sucks
4. Hilton
5. Peer Pressure
6. the smell
7. Live Free or Die
8. Warren the Thief

Download Here.

Adrenalin O.D. "Let's Barbeque" EP (1983)

Good spirited youthful hardcore punk from New Jeresy. A O.D. started in '81 but didn't release this EP until 1983. It's said that due to low(no) recording budget they recorded this record all in one take in less than 15 minutes. That speaks to me a lot. Humorous lyrics about old people, stupid cars and society's jerks. "Trans Am" is such a gem.

1. Suburbia
2. Old People Talk Loud
3. Trans Am
4. House Husband
5. Mischief Night
6. Status Symbol

Download Here.

Battalion Of Saints "Fighting Boys" EP (1982)

Extremely Underrated punk hardcore from sunny San Diego California. Great melodies and rhythms without losing any edge. This record is fierce and well worth your time. Check out the "Second Coming" LP for a bigger dose of the best thing from San Diego ever. Released by Nutrons Records.

1. E/B
2. Fighting Boys
3. Modern Day Heroes
4. (I'm Gonna) Make You Scream

Download Here.

Beastie Boys "Pollywog Stew" EP (1982)

The debut hardcore EP from what would become one of the most successful hip hop acts in history, good for them, i guess. This EP is full of snotty, aggressive and fast NYHC. A far cry from "Sabotage" or "Intergalactic".

1.Beastie Boys
2.Transit Cop
4.Holy Snappers
5.Riot Fight
6.Ode To...
7.Michelle's Farm
8.Egg Raid On Mojo

Download Here.

Graven Image "Kicked Out Of The Scene" EP (1983)

Another cool EP from Richmond Virginia. Fast thrashing hardcore with confusing lyrics. hmmm? Mostly fast but with a lot of melody and some parts that kinda sound similar to Minor Threat. Sold yet?

1. Day After
2. Close Your Eyes
3. Operation Sink
4. Wrong Way to Utopia
5. Double Life
6. Dear Abby
7. Nails and Thorns

Download Here.

White Cross "Fascist" EP (1982)

Eight tracks of raw and extremely fast thrashy hardcore. Great shouted vocals and tons of energy to spare. One of my favorite Virginia bands along side Honor Roll and Graven Image.

1. Fascist
2. No Straight Edge
3. Speed of the Presses
4. American Way
5. Jump Up
6. Suburbanite
7. Nuke Attack
8. Having Fun

Download Here.

State "No Illusions" EP (1983)

Fierce fucking Michigan hardcore with a slight metal edge to the guitar. Angry pissed off vocals, driving rhythm and somewhat all over the place guitar, but never coming off as a mess of noise at all. Lyrics about straight edge, war, cop hatred. I was once steered away from their LP and never bothered to check it out myself. But this EP is a ripper start to finish. State still exist in some form playing shows sporadically around Michigan, no idea if it's worth checking out though. Released on the band's Statement Records.

1. Subvert
2. New Right
3. Attention
4. Hardline
5. No Illusions
6. Police State
7. Girl Violence

Download Here.

Double-O "S/T" EP (1983)

Another great early Dischord release here. Mid-tempo melodic rock influenced hardcore. The track "Death of a Friend" has some weird guitar noodling and some synth sounding shit going on. Very strang, yet cool. This was their only official release which I'm not sure if that is a blessing or a shame. There is a 2x7" bootleg out there but I'm yet to find it. Aim it my way if you can! Enjoy.

1. You've Lost
2. Is It Better
3. Grey to Black
4. Death of a Friend
5. There's No Reasoning

Download Here.

Zero Boys "Livin' In The 80's" EP (1980)

This is the phenomenal debut release from Indianapolis Indiana's punk/hardcore staples Zero Boys. This is much more on the lo-fi punk tip than their later release. Five catchy tracks as infectious as herpes. "I'm Bored" is probably my favorite of the batch. Do yourself a favor and track down all of their releases. Released by Z-Disc.

1. Livin' In the 80's
2. Stoned to Death (For Sexual Offences)
3. Stick to Your Guns
4. I'm Bored
5. A Piece of Me

Download Here.

Poison Idea "Pick Your King" EP (1983)

The undisputed kings of Portland Hardcore! 13 tracks in just as many minutes. Poison Idea is of the elite few bands that will continue to influence other bands forever. They set a bar very high with this EP, and it's been met by few others. RIP Pig Champion!

1. Think Twice
2. It's An Action
3. Thing Called Progress
4. In My Headache
5. Underage
6. Self Abuse
7. Cult Band
8. Last One
9. Pure Hate
10. Castration
11. (I Hate) Reggae
12. Give It Up
13. Think Fast

Download Here.

J.F.A. "Blatant Localism" EP (1981)

Jody Foster's Army is hands down the epitome of Skate Punk/Hardcore. They began playing in 1981 and released several records between then and 1996 including tracks on the legendary Thrasher Skate Rock comps. This is their debut EP and the best place to start. Released by Placebo Records.

1. Out of School
2. JFA
3. Do the Hannigan
4. Count
5. Beach Blanket Bong-Out
6. Cokes and Snickers

Download Here.

Violent Apathy "Here Today" EP (1983)

Well played mid-paced Michigan hardcore from four teenagers. Kinda snotty vocals, punchy bass, nothing that really jumps out and hits you in the face, but I swear it's a solid EP. Five originals and an odd cover of "La Bamba" for some reason... A few of these guys were also original members of the legendary Meatmen as well. Also look for their bootleg 7" of their demo issued by Lost & Found(who else, right?)

1. Bought and Sold
2. Scathed
3. Here Today
4. Black Sorrow
5. Possession
6. La Bamba

Download Here.

Cause For Alarm "S/T" EP (1983)

Another band that doesn't understand the value of staying dead. They released just this one EP in 1983 and it's simply put, perfect! Twelve years later one of the members decided to reform the band and soil their name with a string of releases on Victory Records. Too bad. This EP still stands the test of time though. More classic NYHC to smash your skull to.

1. Parasite
2. Second Chance
3. Time to Try
4. United Races
5. In Search Of
6. Poison In the Machine
7. True Colors
8. Stand as One

Download Here.