Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boom & the Legion of Doom "Hate To Love, Love To Hate" EP (1986)

Another of Michigan's well kept secrets. Ten tracks of great hardcore from Battleground MI. Boom & the Legion played a reunion show in 2008 that I heard great things about. They released another EP & an LP in the 80s and were featured on the Slap A Ham records "Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!" compilation 7" in 1991. Sadly I've never come across the other EP or LP.

1.Not Enough Food
2.Butcher Block
3.Grub Flesh
5.Piss You Off
6.Bored Cannibal
7.Dog Days
8.Death Squad
9.Theme Song
10.Monster In My Locker

Download Here.


  1. It's battle creek Michigan... not battle ground. other then that though, thanks for the post and for the link to the download!

  2. I have the love to hate hate to love ep. all fliers/art/stickers included. mint condition. hit me up-

  3. Umm...Battleground Mich was a Nickname. Obviously you never were there! Latin Dogs were the other great BC band!

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  5. I would LOVE to Actually be able to hear this again. The download is gone and I don't have a flashplayer for the Myspace download. If there is SOMEONE out there who is kind enough to download this from myspace and send me a copy I can download onto my computer as a regular MP3 file or would send me a CD copy or something I can put on my old broken down computer I built myself that I don't have downloadable capabilities and only Flash Player 9...(I can play REGULAR MP3 files like the ones you get on EZ Trax or download onto your computer like on the site that I downloaded Latin Dogs Warning EP...where you right click and hit SAVE AS) please send me a file like that to or E-Mail me for my Address if you can download me a CD of it...(I can't pay anything right now...I was in a car wreck apr.24th and my $$$ is wrapped up in that....BUT my B/D is Sept.2nd Hint Hint!!)

  6. There are 8 dif sleeves to this 7in. great record. The other 7in Skate Detroit(or something like that) is only 2 songs and OK compared to this