Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Deep Wound "S/T" EP (1983)

Insanely fast and well thought out juvenile hardcore from these western Mass-holes who would later form Dinosaur Jr. Drummer J. Mascis is definitely the HC version of the Muppet's Animal! Frantic yelled vocals(complete with cracking voice) over incredibly fast-tempo thrashing without being a total blur. In the same class as the mighty VOID, in that it totally stands out from everything else going on in their regions at the time. This EP is simply amazing.

1. I Saw It
2. Sisters
3. In My Room
4. Don't Need
5. Lou's Anxiety Song
6. Video Prick
7. Sick of Fun
8. Deep Wound
9. Dead Babies

Download Here.


  1. I was a big fan of this music, but I have never taken a drug, only took generic viagra a lot, so I think that the best song in this album is Lou's Anxiety Song.

  2. u forgot to mention lou barlow from sebadoh...