Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Effigies "Haunted Town" EP (1981)

Five tracks of mid tempo punk/hardcore from one of Chicago's earliest hardcore band. Tight well written songs with lots of crunchy guitar sound and lead solos. Great lyrics sung with a great voice. Sort of a British skinhead feel. Originally released on Autumn Records and later repressed on Ruthless/Enigma. These tracks are also captured on their collection CD "Remains Nonviewable".

1. Below the Drop
2. Strongbox
3. Haunted Town
4. Mob Clash
5. We'll Be Here Tomorrow

Download Here.


  1. Good choice putting the files on Mediafire - nice speeds and no input code/wait. I've been looking for an ep I used to have - Impulse manslaughter: Burn One Naked and Nuke It. Weird, frenzied thrash with sloppy drumming. Also never heard the 2nd Mob ep - Step Forward.

  2. I will post that 2nd Mob ep soon... it's alright but not as good as the first.

    I'll get Impulse Manslaughter up for you tonight! :)

  3. Muy bueno.
    Saludos desde Monte Grande, Argentina!