Sunday, February 15, 2009

Teenage Depression "Skank Or Die" EP (1984)

Sorry for a few days without any post, I was in rural Indiana hating the world. Moving right along... Teenage Depression was from New Jersey and hated everything apparently. This is really great raw hardcore punk with a lot of energy and snotty vocals.

1.Anarchy is for Assholes
2.Reagan's Gestapo
3.Working for the Kremlin
4.Caught in a Bind
5.False Jesii Part 1
6.Frat Party
7.Rabbit Song
8.Speed Punks Suck
9.I Love Kate

Download Here.


  1. if you have anything of malignus youth, that would be a great addition.


  2. Cool post, great band, great album, your blog rules! Greetings from Indonesia!

  3. If your anything like your posts, your alright man! Thanks a lot for the Boom and the Legion..If its ok I'd like to invite you (and your readers) to, and give you a shout out, at Down Underground (dot) ning Its a place where old farts like you and I hang out and share stuff and lots more...check it...Don't worry about the technology stuff either, I'm usually as lost as anyone lol. great site. Peace Brother-->JH

  4. it would be cool to see some more youth crew stuff/second wave HC, maybe gorilla biscuits?

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