Friday, March 4, 2011

New York Wolfpack "S/T" LP (1988)

Albany Hardcore with tips of the hat to both early New York & Boston Hardcore without being a total clone, but also not being the most original thing ever. Pretty rad that it's from '88 and avoids the realms of Youth Crew and Cross Over Thrash especially given their location. Some killer leads thrown around throughout the LP. Brings to mind bands like Agnostic Front & The Mob but kinda has a retarded Pacific Northwest grunge vibe to it as well. So I guess think AF and Green River. Totally worth the occasional "spin". Released on Bomp Records.

1. Black Mark
2. Stood Up
3. Bustin' Out
4. Suicide
5. Rich Life
6. Pack of One
7. Pride of the Pack
8. Black Book of Hell
9. Wolfpack

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