Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Deal "Very Mysterious" 7" (1987)

This is a perfectly named EP, as this band is just that, very mysterious. I know little to nothing about this band but here goes. Big Deal was from Louisville, KY and released this EP in 1987, impressed? Sonically this brings to mind bands like Minor Threat, 7Seconds and Sluggo, just a few years later with a little bit of the late 80's posi vibes shining through. Pretty solid and seemingly forgotten HC punk. "Works Everytime" is my radio show pick.

1. Open Mind
2. L.G.B.
3. My Rights
4. Works Everytime
5. Can't You See
6. Big Deal
7. Concrete

Download here.


  1. Whats this "radio show" you speak of? Do tell.

  2. Thx!This is amazing!Maybe someone want dowload a similar samples to these tracks,i left link here -