Saturday, March 5, 2011

Judge "New York Crew" 7" (1988)

Looking back through the comments I've noticed several request for more "youth crew" post, I'll see what I can do. How about I start with the debut EP from now legendary NYHC band Judge. Originally released on John Porcell's Schizm records and later reissued to the masses by the mighty Revelation. On this release, despite other members being listed, all the music was recorded by John Porcell(bass & guitar) & Mike Judge(drums & vocals). Musically what you'd expect from members of Youth of Today & Death Before Dishonor. Fast, heavy and pissed off NYHC. "We called it the wolfpack, we called it united blood."

1. Fed Up
2. In My Way
3. I've Lost...
4. New York Crew
5. Warriors (originally by Blitz)

Download Here.

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