Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Abused "Loud And Clear" 7" (1983)

Another fine release that would have been posted 2 years ago had I not taken such a hiatus. Completely brutal pissed off NYHC. Heavy skinhead/Oi vibes through out. Some of the finest vocals from the era and area. Mostly fast but slowing down and getting a little weird on "Nuclear Threat" which has some haunting riffs until the half way point when it picks back up into the fast hardcore then back into the weird head nodding dirge. This EP makes me want to stomp skulls. "Drug Free Youth" is the standout track in my eyes. The Abused have played some reunion shows that from what I've heard were amazing, still bummed about missing them in St. Louis a while back, their first ever show outside of the NY/NJ area. Released on the band's own Abused Records.

1. Loud and Clear
2. War Games
3. Just Another Fool
4. No End In Sight
5. Nuclear Threat
6. Watch Out
7. Blow Your Brains Out
8. Drug Free Youth

Download here.

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